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Interview conducted by Jake Thomas

In this edition of 'Creator's Corner', we spoke to Rowland Kelly from 'Death Row Masks' and asked him about what makes him who he is. Every artist has a special tale to tell, and this is just a little bit about his. Read further into our interview with Rowland on his perspectives on the hobby.

See below for our in-depth interview as well as a myriad of pictures showing his work and links to where you may reach him.

There have been seeing countless amounts of posts thanking you with amazing shots of their new masks. With that said, how does it feel to get as much praise that you do?

It is a great feeling to have people enjoy the work that you put out there. It's always good to keep grounded and focus on the work and not let the hobby drama get you down. Best advice for someone is to let your passion fuel your desire to create. Do not do it for the money. I started by improving on cheap masks and seeing if I could work them. I enjoyed it a lot and still do.

Talk about a time in your life which you drew inspiration.

I have always had a love and appreciation for fantasy, science-fiction, and horror films. It has always intrigued me how the artists create memorable makeup and practical fx work. The film that started it for me has to have been "Star Wars" when I saw it in theaters in 1977.

It seems at times the practicality of fx has been lost nowadays. Most of it is done with CGI and can take away from the movie feel. What are some goals you have?

I just want to keep improving upon my work and striving for accuracy and quality. I also want to branch out into sculpting and create my own unique masks. I love those old vintage masks from the 70's and 80's.

I've been seeing a lot of those vintage masks apearing within the group. It's really cool to see that some of these masks are in good - and even mint - condition. What are some of your inspirations in your work? What and who gets you going and creating these excellent forms of art?

I look for inspiration from a variety of sources. First and foremost is the original hero mask and how they created it. I greatly enjoy alot of different artists in our hobby, forgive me if I forget to list all of them. James Carter for his incredible consistency in his mask work and unbeatable eye cuts. Freddy Loper for his accuracy in the 78 masks. AHG for his gritty paint work and hairing finese. Too many out there to list!

What do you do outside of this hobby and your artistry while you are free?

I collect spores, molds and fungus. (laughs) No, I'm just kidding; pardon the Ghostbusters reference. I enjoy playing computer games and watching a good film and some television.

Don't we all collect spores and fungi? Now that the latest film has been out for about a year, what is your favorite thus far and why is it most important?

Unquestionably the first two films, although I do have a fondness for 'Season of the Witch'. John Carpenter has a great mind for horror films and his early film work still resonates with me to this very day.

The last question is one that will be familiar as we always tend to ask our creators this. In your own words, how would you describe The Shape?

The Shape to me is much like Carpenter's thoughts on it. He's a force of nature, with supernatural elements. When young Michael Myers dons the clown mask, he ceases being Michael and becomes The Shape or The Boogeyman. Halloween to me was never a slasher. It is a suspense film in the same vein as Alfred Hitchcock "Psycho". It's about suspense. The use of light and shadow from Dean Cundey and the same sense of style used.



We would like to just send our gratitude to Rowland for participating in this project. His work speaks for himself and you should definitely go see for yourself. Check out his links below, and let him know that we sent you. His work is truly special and unique, and he has proven to be very passionate about what he does.

Article written by David Rodriguez

Interview conducted by Jake Thomas




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