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Interview conducted by Jake Thomas

Matthew Reed has actively been working on masks for the past decade, although House of Horror Productions just started within the past two years. As a part of the Halloween Market, we are proud to have been able to interview him and we have heard some excellent responses to his work. House of Horror Productions is proud of the customer service they provide and offers various services and products based on our favorite slasher. In fact, you may have seen much of his work already, in pictures of much impressed customers.

See below for our in-depth interview as well as a myriad of pictures showing his work and links to where you may reach him.

To begin, if you had to pick an exact moment that caused you to become interested in this hobby, what would you say?

That’s a tough one. My Mother introduced me to horror movies at a young age. However, if I had to choose; I would have to go with one evening in particular. If I remember correctly, I was around the age of 11 or 12, and my mom was watching the original Halloween on television. I was off doing something in my room, and she yelled for me. I walked into our living room and I remember her saying to me “Matthew, they’re about to show Michael Myers' face!”. Now, at this point, I had never watched the original and I believe the only films I had seen were H6 and H20. So, I was intrigued to finally see this face - that in my mind was going to be this disfigured grotesque looking man and to my shock: it was not! I wanted to watch more and was super excited when an AD popped up saying H2 was coming on next! From there it really just snow balled for me. I was hooked!

Who are some of the other artists that you look up to in this business?

There is a lot of great talent out there! I have quite a few inspirations: Old MMP, Boogeyman masks, and Prowler Pro are definitely a few that influenced me to start trying to paint my own stuff. As for people in the scene today, just to name a few: Chris Morgan, Freddy Loper, Rick Ramby, AHG, Jimmy Falco, NAG, and Tyler Adams are all great artists. I am sure there are a few slipping my mind, but there are a lot of guys killing it nowadays.

You have been running House of Horror Productions for quite some time now. Great job, from what we have seen so far! For those who have not heard of you, what do you do and how can they find you?

House of Horror Productions is something that has blossomed out of my passion for this hobby. I love everything about it! I still get a rush each time I pull a mask from a mold. We work hard on every piece that we lay our hands on and everything that we do is cycled around The Shape himself. To think I started off at fourteen years old trying to repaint a mask with latex house paint to doing what I do now, blows my mind. I am more than grateful that I have this opportunity. You can find HHP by visiting my website, or Facebook and Instagram pages.

Besides mask making, what are some other hobbies you most enjoy?

Collecting masks? (Laughs) I also enjoy hiking, playing the occasional guitar, as well as traveling with the lady and my pup.

What do you consider the most important feature to make sure you get right when doing a Myers Mask?

That’s another tough one, as I feel everything really plays off one another. If I had to choose, I would pick the eye cuts. In my opinion, the eyes can really distinguish the look I am going for.

I have seen many masks who have been broken by eyes cuts, that otherwise would have been perfect masks. Definitely is an important feature. Is it different for each mask? For example, doing an H4 opposed to a H1?

In my opinion for H1 and H4 masks, eye cuts are very important. Like I said, I feel they can really distinguish the look I am going for. For example, the small Kirk like eyes the H4 mask has during Brady’s death scene, or the larger eyes we see during the majority of the film. Now, when it comes to an H5 or 6, I’d say it probably comes down to the weathering and detailing of the finish.

We really do appreciate you taking time out of your day in order to let us get to know you more. As we come to a close, describe Michael Myers in your own words.

Michael is a methodical killing machine. He stalks and toys with his prey, instead of charging around and killing like some of our other horror icons. Don’t get me wrong, I like them all. However, in my opinion Myers is the greatest slasher of all time.


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The Halloween Market thanks Matthew for joining in on this segment of Creator's Corner. We are sure that there is much left to be said about House of Horror Productions. Don't let us be the judge of that. Go out and check out what they have to offer!

Article written by David Rodriguez

Interview conducted by Jake Thomas




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