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Interview conducted by David Rodriguez

In this edition of 'Creator's Corner', we asked Loris mostly about his work as a film creator, and tackled certain aspects of his perspectives on horror. In this interview, Loris gives advice for aspiring film artists, and tells a bit about his ongoing journey toward what he depicts as, "The American Dream." An avid collector as well, he discusses his ideas on the 'Halloween' franchise as it stands and what he sees for its future. See below for the in depth interview with Loris Melcore.

See below for our in-depth interview as well as a myriad of pictures showing his work and links to where you may reach him.

As an artist, you express your art in many ways. Much of what you do pertains to film. I’m wondering, who would you attribute as being your inspiration?

Alfred Hitchcock seems to be my main inspiration, in many ways. He’s the Master of Suspense, and although a lot of people would compliment his understanding of how to direct a movie on set, he kept repeating how the screenplay is everything. You can have the best cameras, lights, and actors, but if your screenplay is shit, you’re going nowhere. My twin brother and I always try to remember how good movies were made back in the day, when they had no CGI or an atrocious amount of gore. They were made with a good script. And good doesn’t mean complex, you can have the most simple story, but if it is well written and executed, you’re off to a good start! I love the [show rather than tell] moto that most screenwriter use, and Hitchcock - coming from silent cinema - had the most imaginative ways of showing something special to the audience. He is such an inspiration.

"...good doesn’t mean complex, you can have the most simple story, but if it is well written and executed, you’re off to a good start..."

Over the past few months, you have won several awards for your short, “The Red Page Syndrome”. Before we ask you the following, we’d like to give our congratulations on the new wins and we hope to see many more! How would you describe the movie, for those who haven’t seen it, and how does it feel to have your most recent success?

The Red Page Syndrome is a thriller, which explores a dark time for our protagonist : François Borden. He’s a famous screenwriter that specializes in the Science Fiction genre and he has won many awards for his work. He’s the kind of guy that likes to challenge himself and not stay in his comfort zone. That’s why after being recognized for his SciFi, he’s now trying to write a Thriller movie. And sadly, he’s hit by the "blank page syndrome". Without giving away too much of the movie, François is exhausted, and he’s going to try a new kind of brainstorming. Ink isn’t the only thing that’s going to stain his page… Giving birth to this project was nerve-wracking, and seeing the short being awarded is a marvelous feeling. It took three years of Ugo's [brother] and my life, from when we started writing it in January 16 to when we recently completed it in November 2018. Seeing the awards that the film has earned shows that the hard work paid off and that all those sleepless nights weren’t for nothing. Thank you very much for the kind words !

Do you recall a point in your life that you had doubts about your art? If so, tell me a little about that and the advice you would give to those struggling with this career themselves.

Many, many times I doubt my art, but it’s part of the process. Without doubts, no re-writes, no final touches up, so on so on. I remember a particular day on the set of "Adam", our first produced short film. Back in 2012, we were 18 and managing a crew of twenty people, as well as professional actors coming from Paris. It wasn’t an easy task. I almost lost my voice during that shooting, and that happens when the body is confronted to a huge amount of stress (laughs). I sounded like Rocky Balboa. Organizing the shooting, thinking of the shots, evaluating the actors jobs; for two 18 years old shy as hell directors wasn’t easy at all. I truly learned how to dispatch the work on this set. You can’t do everything, movie making is team work. It might sound cheesy but I would advise anyone struggling with their career to never quit and think about why they started in the first place.

"I almost lost my voice during that shooting, and that happens when the body is confronted to a huge amount of stress (laughs). I sounded like Rocky Balboa."

Recently, you and your brother, Ugo, travelled to the filming location of the original ‘Halloween’. As a filmmaker and an avid horror fan, how did it feel to see something so iconic as close as you did?

I'll tell you what: it was like walking into a dream. And not only because of the Halloween house. Being in America, and especially Los Angeles was the dream of a life time. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing an actual high quality Michael Myers replica mask (KHU by Ken Hertlein) in front of his house. I felt like Myers himself as odd as it may be, but my eyes were watching those Haddonfield streets through that mask, I could hear the famous breathing. Man, it was something I’ll never forget! When we approached the famous hedge, I kept telling my girlfriend, "Can you imagine? Carpenter was here 40 years ago, smoking his cigar, filming a movie that everybody would remember for forty years." A fun thing to notice is that one of my photos as Michael is actually right next to the original house. I couldn’t believe it! Can you imagine? A 25 years old french guy, coming for the first time to see the original house, and here is a picture he took! Basically, there’s a small sign explaining why this house is famous to Halloween fans, and to illustrate it, they used a picture I took around 4 years ago, with my mom, wearing a NAG 98 Proto. I had to text her immediately to let her know that she was right next to the house (laughs). Good times.

Looking further into the big plans of this year, we're interested to see how filming was in France in comparison to the US.

Sadly we didn’t film anything in the US yet. It’s still in the writing phases, but we hope to shoot something when we come back. Hopefully January 2020. We have some big plans - crossing fingers! I can say though, taking photos in Los Angeles was great. It literally felt like a movie still. Everything in this town is so cinegenic, it’s crazy!

In 2013, you created the film, “Halloween: The Night She Doubted.” While the film was unfortunately removed, do you have any plans on making “Halloween” related shorts in the future?

While, "Halloween : The Night She Doubted", was very well received - we got tons of press from the major horror websites - it was, and will probably be our last fan film. We love filming our favorite boogeymen, but having the time to write, fund, shoot and edit another fan film is something we lack at the moment. And still, we had so much more pleasure on writing our own story with TRPS. My youtube channel, CollectiblesUL, helps with filming some little clips of masks and costumes. It’s a cool alternative that doesn’t demand thousands of dollars.

How do you feel about the ‘Halloween’ franchise as it stands today? What do you feel about its latest installment, “Halloween,” and what do you see as the future for the franchise?

I am a huge fan of the original two "Halloween" movies - and I do like H3 a lot ! H40 [Halloween (2018)] being announced as a direct sequel to the original movie was exciting news indeed. I love what they did with the mask and Laurie Strode. Now - script wise - there are a few things that I did not like, and I felt kind of lonely in this huge amount of fans praising the new movie as the best since the original. It’s a cool movie, never the less, but definitely not my favorite after H1.




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We'd like to give a huge shout out to Loris Melcore and his brother Ugo, for all that they have accomplished over the years. While starting at such a young age of just ten years old, they have somehow managed to grow extremely quick in their work. Be sure to congratulate Loris on his recent successes from his movie "The Red Page Syndrome," and be sure to check out much more of his work. On his YouTube channel, Loris unboxes high-end collectibles, shows off his unique collection of horror items, and provides amazing shots his props in action. While committing to these projects, Loris also rehauls masks from time to time and designs busts for our 'Halloween" needs.

Article written by David Rodriguez and The Halloween Market Team

Interview conducted by David Rodriguez




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