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Interview conducted by David Rodriguez

Jimmy Falco has been in the community for quite some time and has amassed many friends within the hobby. Jimmy has been able to attain a very trustworthy status over the years, many people reviewing his communication and merchant skills to be above par. As of the past year and a half, he has been starting up his very own company, "Spook-house Props", where he offers various services and products. After showing off some of his advancements in re-hauling the Trick or Treat Studios 2018 Myers mask, customers have been pouring in hoping to snatch a spot on his list of customization.

In this edition of 'Creator's Corner', we ask Jimmy about his views, aspirations, and other interesting questions. Hoping to get some insight on the man himself, we began with questions about what makes him who he is.

See below for our in-depth interview as well as a myriad of pictures showing his work and links to where you may reach him.

If you had to pin point an exact moment in time that caused you to become interested in the creation aspect of the hobby, what would you say?

It started almost ten years back, when I met Nick Mulpagano. I discovered him through an eBay auction and reached out, since I saw he was local, not realizing he lived down the street from me. (Laughs) I would go to his shop weekly and watch him work on masks, talk about the hobby, and just share the passion for Myers, masks, and monsters. I mentored with him for many years where I took what I learned in the realms of painting, finishing, and sculpting into my own shop that I built about a year or so ago.

Other than creating as it relates to horror what are some other things you do to keep yourself entertained?

I have been a guitarist for 18 years, toured the country, and have played in many bands throughout the years. I still play in a band, which keeps me busy. I also write music and strive to make that a huge part of my life just as much as the props. I have an amazing girlfriend, Ariel, who I love. Family time, working a regular day job, and being a huge collector of masks and horror props is a major part of my time. My house has literally turned into a museum and the basement is the shop.

"...a huge collector of masks and horror props is a major part of my time. My house has literally turned into a museum and the basement is the shop..."

Seems like you are a pretty busy guy! As you frequently say, there are so many talented artists in the hobby. Who are some major influences for your work and your passion?

Nick Mulpagano, Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Ed Edmiunds, James Carter, Freddy Loper, Nikos Dresios, Justin Mabry; all of the greats!

You say that you use Christopher Nelson's process to paint your masks, and it shows. Is there anything about the process that you have tweaked to make easier or possibly even better looking?

Chris, Justin and Vince did a phenomenal job on the new Halloween 40 mask and I could not love it more. This mask has been the most difficult piece I've ever had to deal with. I have approached it in so many different ways it was a relief when Chris shared the process publicly to achieve that on screen look. As for the process, I mainly follow his process. This is the process as he describes: A dark soot color base coat, which is a very muddy brown, followed by a black detail coat that I apply over only certain spots. The next step is crucial and where I see many having most trouble. This is the "eggshell" and "regular" white coat. The next two coats have to be applied with a half-inch chip brush going against the cracks otherwise it will wash out the details. Then, I go through the specific spots that need the rot color, which I revert to the "eggshell" color followed by a dry brushing over the muddy brown base coat over that. For detailing, I use a linear brush to highlight certain cracks and lines. Finally, I add some dirt color and darker weathering to the neck areas with the Skin illustrator make FX palette. It is seen in some behind the scenes pics that Chris is using.

Many people will definitely appreciate the breakdown. What are your thoughts on the 2018 movie and mask?

I love the movie and I love the mask. Simple as that. The End. (Laughs)

"...This mask has been the most difficult piece I've ever had to deal with. I have approached it in so many different ways it was a relief when Chris shared the process publicly to achieve that on screen look..."

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully still finishing and creating masks, making a name throughout the community and the industry. I would love to further work in the special FX industry or a large make company, but I am still new to this. I have a couple of new projects in the works that I am very excited to release.

Many look up to your work, so I would like to know: What are some words of advice for the young aspiring artists out there?

Study masks! Look at how the masks should really look, game plan your base coat, your detail washes, your intricate details and what follows. Learn which paint works best for whatever canvas you are working on and practice. Most of all, be humble and just have fun. Do not get frustrated, because it will happen often at first until you create and fall into your routine and formulas that work for you.

It has been amazing getting to know you a bit. We appreciate you devoting some time to our group. We have two more questions for you about The Shape himself. To start, which feature of Myers is most important for you to get right?

I would say, within the finishing of a Myers mask, would be the correct blend of the flesh base coat and the white coat. Eye cuts are also crucial which can make or break a mask.

Before we end this we have just one more question that may require some deep thought. Describe Michael Myers in your own words.

Michael is a force of nature. Half-human, half-supernatural. He is a regular sized person who is just there and is the shape. I was never a fan of the oversized grunting Myers style it just takes away from the characters mystique.




The Halloween Market thanks Jimmy Falco for participating in this segment of Creator's Corner. We wish him all the best of luck and look forward to what the future holds for Spookhouse Props. We wonder what the projects he has under his belt are? Either way, good luck Jimmy on building your empire.

Article written by David Rodriguez

Interview conducted by David Rodriguez

ORIGINAL UPLOAD January 31at. 2019 10:40am EST




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