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Interview conducted by David Rodriguez

As with most hobbies, creativity tends to run rampant. However, "Halloween" fans are known for their large crowd-size and vast amount of talent. We've interviewed many creative individuals for our segments - artists using a variety of modalities. Previously, we've interviewed mostly artists focussing in latex, however we've tried to diversify this in our interviews with filmmakers. In doing so, we hope to show just how artistic this community truly is. Where most of our articles show our members where to fulfill their collection needs, this one provides some love to another interesting area of the community - Fan Film making.

In this interview, we reached out to Braden Timmons, who focuses on his next major creation: The Haddonfield Nightmare: A Halloween Fan Film. While this interview provides as an in-depth discussion of his film and its current campaign, it also provides some insight into Braden's creative process. Read this article for an in-depth look at this fan-film which will be hitting your screens this coming year!

See below for our in-depth interview as well as a myriad of pictures showing his work and links to where you may reach him.

How does it feel knowing there are fans willing to support this project?

Honestly, there couldn’t be a better feeling than to know that there are people out there wanting to see this movie and are willing to support it. This film is being made by Halloween fans, for Halloween fans. I am so grateful for everyone who has reached out to me with excitement in their messages, saying they are ready to see the movie or having questions in general about the campaign. I always do the best I can to be able to get back to every one of them, because without them there would be no film. The one thing that I can say is that being a part of the horror community is nothing like what people would think. For a genre that normally has dark and disturbing tones to it – the people within are all amazing and a lot of the time willing to help in any way they can. This is something that I am learning as I dive further into this project. I will say that crowdfunding campaigns are very difficult to do as you have to market them almost every day while the campaign is open, so people can see that you need their support to make the best possible film. The current campaign is the final pre-production campaign and there will be a post-production one in late 2020 as well once the movie wraps filming in the fall. Whether fans plan to back the project now, in the post-production campaign, or if they just want to show their support by watching the movie when it comes out, I just want everyone to know that I am grateful that people are out there supporting this project.

How much pressure does this place upon you as you work on this project?

The goal is to try to make the fans happy, but at the same time you want to be able to tell the story at you are trying to tell. With that being said, I don’t feel any sense of pressure on the story side of things, as I am happy with the story that our creative team was able to come up with along with the script I was able to write based on the story. I also believe that we have an all-star cast that is going to knock it out of the park with their performances. Now if I wasn’t confident in our story then I would feel much more pressure. The main pressure that lays on my shoulder is from the technical standpoint – making sure Myers walks like Myers, creating new shots that I see from my point of view while also paying tribute to the films that us fans know and love, making sure the film has a great Halloween feel to it. I want the film to feel more like the original Halloween than H20 because the film takes place back in the town that this nightmare began. I think that the thing that peaks a lot of interest is the fact that the film is a direct sequel to Halloween H20, something that is unique because of the way Halloween H20 ends. I have actually gotten plenty of messages from people asking about how we went about having Myers survive so that we can transition into this movie and my answer is always the same, “you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.”

"I have actually gotten plenty of messages from people asking about how we went about having Myers survive so that we can transition into this movie and my answer is always the same, 'you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.'"

Tell us a little about this film for those who may be coming late to the party.

If you’re late to the party, then I only have one question for you: Where the heck have you been?!

(Laughs) Kidding. I know that this film has just started to get on a lot of people’s radar as we dropped the first official poster with our film mask reveal on May 29, which definitely boosted the excitement. The custom-made Michael Myers mask from Father Phantom Studio looks amazing and I am super excited for fans to see it in action in the movie, because I honestly believe it is the scariest Myers look ever. This is what I wanted to go for. I came up with the idea to use the Halloween H20 mask in this movie and I thought it would have been awesome if we could make it look weathered and that’s when I reached out to Father Phantom, who are just awesome people by the way and they agreed to create a mask from scratch based on the idea I had pitched to them. They really liked the idea of having the H20 mask weathered, because it’s something that’s never been done before. I am happy with the turn out!

For those who are just finding out about the film, here’s a synopsis:

Following the events of Halloween H20, John Tate must once again come face to face with Michael Myers 22 years after his encounter with him when he was in pursuit of his mom, Keri Tate/ Laurie Strode in Summer Glen, CA in 1998.

The Haddonfield Nightmare picks up after Halloween: 20 Years Later. What was the idea for picking up after H20 and retconning Resurrection?

This project has quite the story behind it. Originally, we were working on a fan-film called Halloween: Haddonfield Nightmare Part II, which was going to be sequel to my Halloween fan

-film Halloween: Haddonfield Nightmare that was released on my YouTube channel on Halloween in 2018. That film was completely

shot on an iPhone 8+ over the course of two nights and took thirteen hours to edit. Part II of the project was meant to be taken more seriously, but the people we had involved with the project were just awful. SO, we decided to scrap that project, get back in the writer’s room and start creating a new concept. The idea hit me to do a Halloween H20 sequel when I was actually watching H20, trying to take notes for the fan-film we were trying to recreate. At our next meeting I pitched the idea to the team and all of them laughed like I was telling them a joke, but I was dead serious. That’s when the creative team really had to focus on how we would approach the story, especially because we all figured this could be a project that would get Halloween fans excited. John’s story has never been continued and it’s always been one that I wanted to see come to life. So, having the opportunity to tell this story means so much to me and I hope that fans are happy with the turnout. Especially because once this film officially is released to the world in 2021 the project would have been almost three years in the making. The idea then came to retcon Halloween Resurrection because nobody on our creative team likes that movie. Just the way that they explained Michael Myers surviving the end of H20 just seemed very lazy to me and then when the film actually picks up it’s pretty laughable. There were several conversations that were had on whether we wanted to continue it after Resurrection or if we just wanted to pick it up right after H20 and we ultimately landed on H20, which is something we are all very happy about

"John’s story has never been continued and it’s always been one that I wanted to see come to life. So, having the opportunity to tell this story means so much to me and I hope that fans are happy with the turnout."

How long do you usually spend on writing a script? How much has gone into the current script for this film?

Every writing project is different for me. It really depends on if the script is going to be a short film or a feature length film. Actually, now I am going outside of my comfort zone completely and writing my first book titled “Captive”, which is going to be a psychological thriller I am also hoping to adapt into a movie. I am hoping for that to arrive in 2021. Before I start writing I normally have to outline my story, so I know how it’s going to play out and have at least an idea for character names and motives throughout the story. A script for me can take anywhere from 3-5 months to complete with all of the revisions and drafts that I will go through to perfect it. Normally, I try to have a draft of a script completed within a month. Once I have developed the story, we just go from there. When it comes to Haddonfield Nightmare, it took me just over five months to write. Our first team meeting was in August 2019, which is when we started developing the concept for the film. It wasn’t until our second team meeting on September 13th, 2019 that we said it was officially going to be an H20 sequel. I then started writing the script the following week on September 17th, 2019 and it took me until February 20, 2020 to complete the final draft. There was a lot of thought on where we wanted to take John’s story because there are so many ways that we could have taken it since he had only appeared in Halloween H20. This story will show an older version of John Tate, as he is 39 years old in this movie, and we will finally understand what he has been up to all of the years in between Halloween H20 and this film which I am really excited for audiences to experience.

What is something Halloween fans can look forward to in your fan-film?

The thing that fans can look forward to in our movie is getting to know a lot about where John Tate is mentally in today’s day and age, showing how the events of 1998 affected him. But we are also getting to know some new characters, because the only characters that are in this story from the ‘Halloween’ franchise are John Tate and Michael Myers. Every other character is completely new, including John Tate’s daughter, Lauren Tate. Fans can also expect to see an entire third act that is filled with Michael Myers. I will admit that the first twenty-five or so minutes of the movie (essentially all of Act One) is going to be pretty exposition heavy. We need to understand who the new characters are and have time to show John’s state and the relationship he has with his daughter. Don’t worry though, once Act Two starts up and once Michael Myers enters Haddonfield for the first time in 42 years, fans are going to be quite happy. When the third act hits, it’s pretty much the Michael Myers show. Also, I don’t want fans to think the title The Haddonfield Nightmare necessarily means there is going to be an insanely high body count in the movie because there is only so much we can do with it being a fan-film but the way it’s explained I think fans will be pleased with.

What kinds of perks can fans acquire through their financial support to your current campaign?

The most important people are the fans of this project because they are the ones that are helping make this film happen! We have put together some outstanding perks for the people who are looking to back the project including DVD/BLU-RAY copies of the movie, Posters, Hoodies, T-Shirts and for fans who are looking to be incredibly generous we have higher level perks such a Be an Associate Producer, Be a Co-Producer and Be an Executive Producer. We also have 2 SET VISITS available and 2 GET KILLED ON SCREEN BY MYERS perks available as well. Also, some of the newest perks that were just added are Early Access Screeners, VIP Early Access and Join us for the World Premiere of the movie. I think there are a lot of really awesome stuff up on the campaign and encourage people to jump on and check it out. If they ever have any questions about anything, they should know they can reach out to me on social media at any time!

All of Braden’s links are listed at the end of this article.

How did you approach the task of writing Myers into this script? Was it a challenge to find what works and what does not?

Since Michael Myers was “killed” at the end of Halloween H20, it was a very big challenge to write him in, yes. But when we actually went back to examine some of the events that occurred in H20, it kind of just hit us and we were like – of course! That’s got to be it. It was a great feeling and I believe that fans are going to appreciate that we didn’t take the route that Halloween Resurrection did, unless of course the fans of Resurrection believe that its explanation was better.

What is the most important aspect to you as a film maker in making this film?

As a filmmaker and massive fan of the Halloween franchise, the most important aspect for me is to give my honest vision as to how I see the films. This isn’t going to be a giant rip shot for shot of an already existing Halloween movie. Sure there will be stuff that is similar and pays homage to all of the different movies in the franchise we all love, but I am always looking to better myself as a filmmaker cannot do that if I don’t give my own vision of the movie I am making. Learning is the most important aspect on every project and since there will be people behind me looking to make films, I would also like to make a docuseries of directing The Haddonfield Nightmare for aspiring filmmakers to see how I direct a movie and learn from what works and perhaps what doesn’t work either. It’s about taking it one day at a time and I am so excited for when fall rolls around and we actually get started with the filming. The cast and crew that we have involved are all awesome and I can’t wait to build more of a relationship with all of them. Building that relationship is also another important aspect to me and it’s about having that great relationship with the people you work with on set. It makes shoot days so much better, because at the end of the day we have the chance to make a movie and bring a story to life. There’s no better feeling than that. Now it’s time to get started.




Official Campaign


While the interview is over, there is still much to be do to fund this campaign! Our team is asking those in the community who are willing and able to help Braden and his team by sending your financial support to their final pre-production campaign. With only about a month left to give, time is critical. If you are interested in seeing this project through to its completion, help out today and get some amazing stuff in the process. See pictures below for what can be obtained as a thank you for helping.

We also want to extend our thanks to Braden for providing his time to our interviewers. His efforts for this project thus far prove the project is down to be a major success. He and his team have our team's support and we cannot wait to watch the final piece.  

Article written by David Rodriguez and The Halloween Market team

Interview conducted by Michael Kellbach and David Rodriguez



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