Celebrating Halloween and our One Year! BIGGEST GIVEAWAY YET!

🎃He CAME Home Anniversary and Halloween Giveaway🎃

As we approach the beginning of October, we embark on two important events. Primarily, we all know that this month is our most highly cherished as it ties close with the franchise that connects our community: Halloween. The secondary event is our first-year anniversary of providing an ever-growing marketplace designated solely to the ‘Halloween’ franchise. While we work hard to improve every day, we have been able to provide a safe environment which plays as an easy to use, clean group for all of your buying and selling needs. It is because of this that we announce our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY yet!

(1) Our Sponsors

( Spookhouse Props ) Jimmy Falco has committed to a gracious donation of his new personal Kirk sculpt, The Jimmy Falco Kirk.


Spookhouse Props | Instagram and Facebook

( Nitram Productions ) Martin G. Peña has committed to a gracious donation of his all new sculpt: The Psycho Killer.


Facebook | Martin G Peña

( Death Row Masks ) Rowland Kelly has committed to a gracious donation of his H1SM.


Rowland Kelly and Death Row Masks | Facebook

Rowland1974 | Instagram

Makes sure to check out more of our sponsors’ work and ensure to thank them for their generosity. Without them, our giveaway could never be this big.

(2) What are the Prizes?

| First Place | The ALL NEW Jimmy Falco Kirk in the style of Captain Kirk! Check Jimmy out at Spookhouse Props and you’ll find a wide array of different selections and services.

| Second Place | The ALL NEW Psycho Killer in the 1978 style! Check Martin out at Nitram Productions and you’ll find amazing work coupled with a talented creator with a knack of consumer satisfaction.

| Third Place | Rowland Kelly’s retooled H2SM, in the 1978 style! Check out Rowland’s worth and Death Row Masks and you’ll find a creator whose work is known and turns beasts into beauty!


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